23 January 2018

Mother and son addicted

Unable to deal with the pain she suffered from witnessing her nyaope-addicted son being beaten for his criminal activities, Sylivia turned to alcohol and snuff.

"My son became troublesome when he was 16 years old. He used nyaope and stole valuables which he sold to feed his addiction. He also stole from us at home and that caused tension within the family. He was sometimes beaten up by the community after he was caught stealing. That pain was unbearable for me because there was nothing I did not do to plead with him to change. I started drinking alcohol and used snuff because I needed something that was going to shift my focus away from my son’s bad behaviour," she said.

What started as a distraction for Sylivia, turned into an addiction that she battled to break free from for over four years. In 2014, Sylivia was invited to the Universal Church where she spoke about her addictions as well as her son’s dependence on nyaope.

"The lady I spoke to out of desperation advised me to attend the church services and believe that God was going to change my situation. I engaged in the chain of prayers on Fridays to be delivered from alcohol and snuff.

I also asked God to change my son's life. A month later in the church, I was able to stop drinking and using snuff.  That showed me that God was at work in my life and my family. After months of persuading my son to come to the church with me, he finally agreed and started to attend the services with me. I stopped hearing complaints about him from neighbours and family members. He eventually gave up nyaope and committed his life to God.

I enjoyed spending time with him and God restored the peace that we had not had at home. I am growing spiritually. I continue to love and show my son the right way of living because I have God in me," she said.

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