03 October 2018

My addiction drove my wife away

After he was retrenched from his job of five years, Edward, a husband and father of four, drank even more alcohol.

"I lived in a shack with my wife and four children at that time. My wife took all the family's financial responsibilities after I was retrenched. We fought constantly over financial issues and that left me feeling she disrespected me because I was unemployed," he said.

Tired of the constant fights and the financial strain she went through, Edward's wife decided to leave the children with their father and went back to her parents' house.

"I drank every day and did not care about anything after my wife left. My family helped the children with food and school needs while I drank alcohol. My wife visited the children and bought them what they needed every month end," he said.

One day in 1992, Edward woke and decided to attend services at the Universal Church.

"I had never been to the church before, but that morning I knew I needed to go and I went to the Universal Church in Orange Farm. I was encouraged by the testimonies of people who were able to overcome their addiction after they surrendered their lives to God. I attended on Fridays and asked God to deliver me from alcohol addiction. It was difficult for me to quit alcohol and it took three years while I was in the church. God honoured my faith and I was able to stop drinking alcohol, something that had been a part of me for more than 20 years," he said.

Seeing a change in him, Edward's wife came back home.

"I knew it was God who compelled her to come back home because that was one of the things I prayed for on Thursdays. She started attending the services with me. We later bought a house and moved out of the shack we lived in. We are now enjoying a happy marriage and our children are married and live on their own. Surrendering my life to God brought back my dignity as a man and restored my broken marriage," said Edward.

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