03 October 2018

My friend told me dagga would make me a genius at school

"My mother and her family hid me at a distant relative after she separated from my father when I was 10years old. They feared my he would steal me since he loved me. 

Being separated from my father left me angry and bitter towards my mother who also disappeared into thin air. At the age of 14, I started smoking cigarettes and dagga a year later. My friends told me that dagga was going to make me a genius at school, but I became the opposite. I dropped out of school in that year and started drinking alcohol when I was 16. It did not take long before I was addicted to dagga and alcohol.

In my early 20s, I was already drinking home brewed beer with pensioners in my neighbourhood. My addiction worsened after I learnt about my father’s passing because I hoped to be reunited with him. I tried many times to quit alcohol, cigarettes and dagga, but I always slipped back into my addictions. I was invited to the Universal Church and attended the Addiction Cleansing Therapy. 

I was able to quit alcohol, cigarettes and dagga in that same month. My life started to improve and I started selling clothing in order to earn a living. I was reunited with my mother after two years in the church.  The presence of God in my life delivered me from my addictions and offered me a family, something I did not have in my childhood," said Joseph.

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