15 January 2019

Near death encounter

Yongama started drinking when he was 13 years old, but the habit worsened after he moved in with his brother.

"I was doing my first year at university when I had to live with my brother. I made older friends who bought me alcohol. They also robbed people in order to get money for alcohol. I did everything they did, including robbing people. I remember a day I tried robbing a old man, who then shouted for help and people came out. One of the people fired gunshots at me, but someone who knew my brother recognised me and asked them to forgive me," he said.

Yongama graduated, but he battled to find a job.

"I ended up taking a job as a bartender and that gave me free access to alcohol. I also stole bottles of expensive alcohol and continued drinking after work. At some point I was caught stealing and I was suspended for seven days before my boss decided to give me another chance. He moved me from the bar to the kitchen, but I continued stealing there and sold food items in order to get money to feed my addiction. I was caught again and dismissed on the spot," said Yongama.

His brother who was already a member of the Universal Church invited Yongama to attend the services with him.

"My first day at the church was a Friday and that was the last day I drank alcohol. I continued attending the deliverance services and asked God to strengthen me.  I also attended services on Mondays for my finances and got a job as an administrator at a college. I dated Zandile in 2004 and we were married in the church a year later. I am now enjoying a sober life and have financial freedom in God's presence," said Yongama.

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