29 July 2019

On my DEATH bed after drug overdose

Marcus was in an isolation ward at a hospital after he overdosed on drugs and he asked God to save him and give him a second chance in life.

"I was introduced to drugs after I had a car accident and my friend told me it was something that was going to numb the pains. I soon became hooked and I started buying different drugs such as heroin, methcathinone (kat) and crack cocaine for myself," said Marcus.

His drug addiction worsened every year and he lost three jobs in four years.

"I took drugs in the morning before I went to work, during the day at work and before bed time. That night fix kept me awake throughout the night and caused me to underperform at work. I was dismissed from all three jobs because of my drug addiction. My life was a complete mess, I couldn’t function until I had a fix" said Marcus.

In search of help, Marcus went to a rehabilitation centre, but that did not help because he only stayed sober for two weeks after being released.

"I continued taking drugs until one fearful day when I landed in hospital after an overdose of drugs. I was weak, struggled to breathe and my body started shaking. That was when I asked a neighbour to take me to the hospital where I was told there was nothing that was going to help me anymore. I was put in an isolation ward and the nurse told me to say my last prayer before I take my last breath.

It was in that room that I remembered that I had downloaded Bishop Marcelo’s sermons on my phone and I started listening to the one where he spoke about the importance of salvation. I said my prayer of repentance and asked God to give me a second chance in life. After that prayer I found strength and I was able to get out of my death bed.  I went to tell a nurse that I was strong enough to go back home," he said.

He started attending the services at the Universal Church in 2016 and took part in the Addiction Cleansing Therapy. "’From that day, I never took drugs and I made a vow not to go back to my rocky life. God blessed me with another job and I apply the spirit of excellence in everything I do to keep my job. Receiving salvation was the greatest reward that God gave me," said Marcus.