23 July 2019

Saved and fulfilled

"I was only able to have a relationship with God and receive the assurance of my salvation after being a member of the Universal Church for nine years. I started attending services when I was six years old with my parents, but I was not committed to God. That made me feel like there was something missing inside me.

As a result, when I was 13 years old, I visited pornography websites on my phone when I was alone in my room. My mind was so corrupted that when I was in a church service, I saw a picture of those people in compromising positions.

That did not help to fill the emptiness inside me, instead I felt guilty because I knew it was not good for my spiritual life. Unable to break free from my addiction, I wanted to kill myself, but the thought of going to hell was what stopped me because I knew that I was not saved. When I was 15 years old, I realised that I was corrupting my mind and I needed to change.

I attended Wednesday services for my spiritual growth. At Friday services I asked God to deliver me from my addiction and suicidal thoughts. I also joined the Youth Group of the church and spent my free time in the church developing my relationship with God. Instead of visiting pornography websites, I prayed, read the Bible and books of the church. That developed my spiritual life and I received the assurance of my salvation.

I was also delivered from suicidal thoughts and I found a reason to live through Jesus Christ. In 2017, I completed my matric and I am currently studying for a degree in town planning. I now live my life to please God with all my deeds and His presence filled the emptiness in me," said Samukelisiwe.