25 March 2020

Substance Abuse... My Weakness

“Nothing mattered to me after I started drinking alcohol in my teens. I sometimes didn’t go home after work becaused I passed out in taverns and went straight to work the following day without taking a bath.

I moved my then girlfriend in with me at my parents’ place when I was 18 years old. I could not keep that relationship because of my abuse of alcohol. I continued drinking heavily even after I got married to Nonhlanhla seven years later.

My addiction proved to be a problem since I physically abused my wife even after she had our eldest child.

I beat her up for no reason and I sometimes demanded cigarettes from her even though I knew she did not smoke. She didn’t give up on me and my bad behaviour when I was drunk.

In 2005, she started attending services at the Universal Church and I joined her the following year, but I found it di cult to overcome my addictions. I later found the courage to speak to the pastor about my alcohol and cigarette addiction.

He then recommended that I attend the Addiction Cleansing Therapy and ask the Holy spirit to guide my steps. I attended without fail because I wanted to be free from alcohol and cigarettes and lead a happy family.

Things started to change. I no longer enjoyed the smell of cigarettes and out of the blue, my hangover felt like I had been hit by a bus. That was when I knew God had answered my prayer.

I stopped drinking and smoking because I no longer got the satisfaction I wanted. There was harmony, love and peace in my family because I no longer fought with my wife.

I saved money and focused on developing my family life. I built a six-roomed house from scratch. I also built four rooms that I am renting out to people. I recently bought a Range Rover and paid cash.

God’s guidance made me a good leader of my family. I lead a sober and responsible life in His presence,” said Flash.