07 March 2019

Tuition fees spent on addiction

Abusing her new-found freedom as a university student, Ernah spent money recklessly and wasted three years of her life. After completing matric, she moved in with her aunt who lived in another province to study for a degree in Human Resources.

"I was excited to be away from my parents for the first time in my life. When I got to university, I started drinking alcohol and going to parties with friends.

I was given money to enrol for my studies, but I only paid half of it and blew the other half on my personal needs. I bought expensive clothes and used some money on gambling, hoping that I was going to win and be able to pay my outstanding fees," said Ernah.

She did not succeed at gambling and missed the monthly instalments on her fees. Ernah was unable to sit for her exams and then dropped out before she completed her degree.

"My parents learnt about my bad behaviour from my aunt. They were disappointed that I had also dropped out of university. They stopped sending me money and that was when I started depending on my boyfriend for financial support," she said.

Her disappointed aunt advised Ernah to attend services with her at the Universal Church in 2005.

"I was invited to attend YPG meetings where I was encouraged by the testimonies of young people who were following careers. I took part in the chains of prayers on Fridays for my deliverance from alcohol and gambling. I was able to stop drinking after a few months. I also ended my relationship with my boyfriend. I then went back to university and enrolled for a degree in education. I am now doing my final year and I invest most of my time in my spiritual growth. The presence of God gave me a meaningful life," said Ernah.

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