12 July 2018

Worked to feed my addiction

"I was 18 years old when my mother found a job in Johannesburg and left me with my younger sister back in our country. I was already drinking alcohol at that time. I used the money she sent for our sustenance to buy alcohol instead of paying school fees and buying food.

This continued until my mother received a letter of demand from my sister’s school. She was shocked to learn that our school fees were in arrears for months. That was when she also heard about my drinking and how I had used her money to buy alcohol. She was angry and took me out of school.

The following year I joined my mother in Johannesburg because I had to find a job. The only job I was able to find was that of a security guard because I did not have any qualifications. My drinking problem worsened after I started working because I could finance my addiction. I did not help my mother financially, even though I lived with her. I never had enough and pay days were the most stressful days for me because I only saw my salary on a payslip, but my bank account would be empty the very next day. I ended up borrowing money from loan sharks just to make ends meet. I later realised that my excessive drinking was straining me financially and robbed me of peace because I was deeply in debt.

My mother started attending services in Universal Church in 2005 and she later invited me. I attended the services because I wanted to quit alcohol and live a debt-free life. I attended the Addiction Cleansing Therapy services where I realised how my excessive alcohol intake had ruined my future and left me miserable.

I asked God to deliver me. A year later I stopped drinking alcohol and I was able to pay up all my debts. I started saving money from my salary and could help my mother out. I met Norah and we dated for 11 months before tying the knot. Now I am a responsible and upstanding family man, who lives to please God," said Mandla.

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