26 June 2018

16 of us cramped in 1 room

Growing up in a big family of 16 that lived in a small one-room house made Joseph's life a misery and made him an element of mockery among his friends.

"I moved to a small shack in our backyard that I shared with my four cousins when I was a teenager. We all survived on my grandmother's pension money because no one worked. My friends made fun of me because all my uncles were drunkards. Their jokes made me feel humiliated and killed my confidence," he said.

Not knowing his father was another wound his uncles always reopened. "My uncles always reminded me that I didn't belong to the family because my father was a foreigner who left me when I was only six months old. That brought me so much pain," said Joseph. A neighbour invited Joseph to the Universal Church when he was 25 years old.

"I attended the church services because I needed peace in my situation. I came out with a positive mind and hope for a better life. When the Campaign of Israel was introduced, I committed myself to it, even though I didn't work or have any income. I then did gardening and painted houses in my community because I wanted to see the power of God in my life. I found courage to apply for jobs.

Barely a month after the Campaign I was hired as a traffic officer, a job that I never thought I would get. I was able to buy myself nice clothes and other things I could not afford as a young boy. I started saving money and I was able to marry Rosemary after we dated for two years. I then bought a three-bedroom house which I extended into a double-storey house. Five years later I was promoted to a senior position.

I also bought myself four cars, a Mercedes Benz C63 AMG, a BMW M3, Toyota Corolla and an Atios.  Meeting my father when I was 30 brought me healing from my scornful past. Committing my life to God took me from nothing to the abundant life I now live. God restored my confidence and removed the sadness I suffered," he said.

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