07 March 2019

A failure is not the end of the road

Attending services at the Universal Church from his teen years strengthened Mthokozisi's faith and he was able to rise above his challenges. He could not register for a degree in accounting at university because his marks were not good.

"I registered to upgrade my matric marks, but my results came back worse than the first time. I failed dismally. That felt like a punch in my face and left me hopeless. I continued attending services on Mondays and I was encouraged to pursue my dreams. I registered and rewrote for the second time. I was even more discouraged because I did not get my results. I was told they had gone missing. I felt like I had reached the end of the road," said Mthokozisi.

At Monday services he was encouraged to use his faith, work hard and apply discipline in order for his life to improve.

"I applied resilience and I studied hard. I re-wrote for the third time and I passed my matric with good results. I was then awarded a bursary to study for a Bachelor of Commerce in accounting. I am now doing my third year. My faithfulness to God is what helped me to get where I am today. I did not only focus on my studies, but my spiritual growth too. I prayed more often and read the Bible. I am spiritually matured and put God first in my life," said Mthokozisi.

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