15 January 2019

A great turnaround

After completing matric, Mirriam joined her sister in Cape Town who lived with her husband and two children in a one-roomed shack.

"My child and I moved in with my sister so I could look for a job. Life wasn’t easy there because the space was too little to accommodate the whole family of six. Five of us slept on one bed while my sister's older son slept on the floor. My sister’s husband was not pleased about me living with them and he told me that he did not want me there. One day, when I was out looking for a job, I was given the Universal News. After reading the testimonies, I located a nearby Universal Church and started attending services because I needed a job.

That same month I found a job where I sold caps and sunglasses outside a furniture shop. I earned R200 a month and I was able to contribute towards food in the house. I continued attending services on Mondays and the person I was working for sold me his business after I had worked for him for five months.

One day the manager of the furniture shop, behind my business, offered me a job as a salesperson and allowed me to continue running my business while I worked for him.  That same month I received a salary raise and good commission because I had reached my target," she said.

Mirriam saved money and later bought herself a car.

"A year later I met Camara and he asked for my hand in marriage after we dated for two years. We moved my business from the street and rented a shop. I continued doing well in my job and my business was making good profit. I recently bought a BMW 116 series and that is a true testimony that all things are possible with God. Financial freedom gave me peace while trusting in God took me from nothing to abundance," said Mirriam.

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