10 December 2018

Blessed in all areas of life

Filipe had given up on life when he found his first permanent job at a construction company after five years in a foreign country.

He was forced to look for a job when he was 15 years old to help his single mother who battled to support five children. When he arrived in Johannesburg, he lived with four friends in a one-roomed shack.

"None of us had a bed so we slept on the floor. We made a wood fire to cook outside the shack because there was no electricity. "Every day I woke up to stand at traffic lights with a board saying, 'please help, I am looking for a job',"  said Filipe.

He recalled the day that marked the turnaround in his life when he met a stranger who told him about a construction company that needed people in the Eastern Cape.

"The man told me about a place that was hiring people for work in Umtata. He also bought me a bus ticket to travel there. I did not know anyone there but it didn't matter because I needed a job. I was hired on arrival and the company was building a Universal Church cathedral. Every morning, before we started working, a pastor of the church would pray for us and invite us to attend a service," said Filipe.

Filipe started attending the services and took part in the Campaign of Israel in 2004.

"I asked God for a financial breakthrough. I had so much faith in God that I resigned from my job after working for four years and moved back to Johannesburg where I started my own construction company. I received contracts from different companies to build offices. That same year I was able to buy a bakkie for my business,"  he said.

Filipe took part in every campaign in the church because he understood the secret to change his life.

"God honoured my faith. In 2010, I married Fezeka after we dated for four years. My business grew so much that I was able to buy three houses and this year I finished building a double storey house. I also own three, 8-ton trucks, Hyundai H100, two Volkswagen Amarok and a Ford Ranger sport. I was able to employ 22 people. My life is prosperous in all aspects because I used my faith and believed in God's promises. I am now a happily married man and financially blessed by God.  My life did not only improve financially, but spiritually I became strong.  I sought the Holy Spirit and I received the assurance of my salvation, something I did not have before. God's presence gave me peace, love and happiness." said Filipe.  

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