06 March 2019

Burdened by debts

As the only employed member of her family, Martha had to provide for five people including her mother who had health challenges and her father could not find a job.

"The money I earned was too little to provide for my family and my daughter. As a result, I ended up swimming in debts. I sometimes didn't have money for transport to get to work. To shift my focus away from my financial problems, I spent a day or two with the father of my child which led to fights with my mother. I later became pregnant with my second child, but my partner refused to take financial responsibility.

We decided to go our separate ways. Things became harder in my life and I cried most of the time because I felt even more burdened," said Martha.

One afternoon Martha was on her way back from work when she decided to attend a church service.

"After the service I spoke to the pastor who suggested that I commit myself to God in order for my life to change. I attended on Mondays for my finances to improve, Tuesdays for my mother's healing and Wednesdays for spiritual growth. Barely a month later my mother was healed of her painful feet which were no longer swollen. During that month my father found a job after battling to secure one for over two years. My life slowly changed as I developed inner peace and the financial burden was no longer heavy because I had someone helping me.

Six months later the father of my children came back and took responsibility. We now have a civil relationship. There's peace at home and I am committed to God because His presence changed my life," she said.

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