30 January 2020

Deeply in debts and humiliated

Despite having a professional job, Grace did not enjoy the financial freedom she dreamt of nor the dignity she thought she should have. She was tangled up in debts, unable to take care of her only child and had to ask for help from her relatives who had low-paying jobs.

"I registered for a course to improve my qualifications and put me in a better position to earn more, but nothing in my life told the story of having a professional job, including the house I lived in.  I could not even take my only child to the best school of my choice," she said.

In 1999, Grace walked through the doors of the Universal Church for the first time to find help.

"I always saw the church building, but didn't think of attending services, however, on that particular day something inside told me to go in and ask for a prayer.  That prayer gave me emotional relief and encouraged me to press on against all odds.

I continued attending services and I started building a solid relationship with God. At Monday services, I learnt to manage my finances well and I started paying my debts one by one. I was able to pay off my debts in three years. I completed the course I was doing and I received a salary increase.

I stopped asking my relatives for financial help. I was able to put my child in the best boarding school and I bought two cars, a Kia Picanto and a Kia Sorento. I now live a life of abundance because I chose to seek God first and He provided me with all my needs," she said.