17 July 2018

Deserted house was home to us

When Nurse attended the Universal Church in 2002, she and her family had no place to live and one of her children had a health challenge.

"My child always had a blocked chest and I kept getting different diagnoses from TB and asthma to bronchitis. Five of us lived in one room.

My husband was a temporary worker for three years in his company and his salary was too little to provide for us and afford a decent place to stay.  We were chased out of the room we rented because there were too many of us for that space," she said.

Having no place to go, Nurse and her family spotted a deserted house that had no doors or electricity and decided to occupy it. "The house was in the bushes and people called it a ghost house because no one had lived in it for many years. We installed doors in the two bedrooms that we used while the rest of the house had no doors.

On the first night, I barely slept because I was too scared of how dark it was inside the house and I feared that people might come in to rob and hurt us. In winter, we made a fire on the floor to keep warm because the house was open. A year later, the local municipality told us to vacate the house because it was about to be demolished. We then moved into a three-roomed shack that we rented," she said.

In 2002, Nurse was invited to the Universal Church by a member who knew of her living conditions and her daughter's ill health. "I attended church services on Tuesdays for the healing of my daughter and on Mondays for financial freedom. Seven days later I realised that my child’s chest was no longer blocked. Months later my husband was employed permanently and his salary increased.

He applied for a home loan and it was approved. We finally bought a spacious house of our own that's safe and has all the utilities in place. My husband also bought three cars, a Toyota Avanza that we used to transport people, a BMW 1.8 and a VW Citi Golf.

I now run a successful clothing business. Our lives have gone from rust to gold because God fulfilled His promises in my life," she said.  

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