05 January 2018

Don't despise your little beginnings

After Nompumelelo came to the church, she understood that all the things she desired in her life were possible with God.

She and her partner lived in a tiny room with their child while they were both unemployed.

"I plaited women’s hair while the father of my child baked scones that we sold to earn a living. There were months when we didn’t do well in our small businesses and we paid the rent late. At some point we were thrown out of the room because we didn’t have money to pay our rent. I then stayed with my child at my uncle’s while my partner went back to his family home," she said.

Nompumelelo was not discouraged by her situation when she took part in the Campaign of Israel. While the couple was separated, they both found temporary jobs.

"I worked at a music shop and my partner worked at a fast food restaurant. We were then able to find a place of our own again. A year later we both found well paid jobs. For me that was the sign that God really honours the faith of those who believe in Him. The first thing we did was to marry because we understood that it was not good for us to live together before we were married," said Nompumelelo.

That same year Nompumelelo and her husband were able to rent a three- bedroomed townhouse.

"My faith grew from strength to strength because my husband and I had understood the importance of being faithful to God and putting all our faith in His Word. Our finances improved and we were able to buy our own eight- roomed house, " she said.

Nompumelelo is now living a prosperous life and has three cars, a Jeep Cherokee, a Jeep Wrangler and a Jeep Compass.   She later gave up her job and started a bottled water business, supplying different companies with bottled water. "Putting my faith in God's Word which says to seek first His Kingdom and have all else added is the reason my life is complete and abundant. I focused on building a relationship with Him instead of asking for material blessings.

In turn, God filled me with His Spirit, gave me a happy family and prospered me in every area my life." she said.

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