09 July 2018

Eight years of humiliation

"I lived a life of humiliation for eight years after I completed my diploma in management and ended up taking a cleaning job that paid me R600.

My salary was not enough to pay for my transport to work and my basic needs. I continued depending on my husband for financial support even though I was working. I felt like people were laughing at me because I failed to secure a permanent job after I studied for three years. My mother encouraged me to pray and trust God, but I thought my situation was too dire to be changed by a prayer.

One day I walked past the Universal Church in Johannesburg and I decided to go in. I prayed and asked God to bless me with a job in the area of my expertise. I felt at peace and I developed hope of finding a job after I said that prayer.

I later took part in the chains of prayer on Mondays and I continued applying for the job that I studied for. God honoured my faith and I found a job as an administrative clerk. God removed my humiliation and restored my dignity.

Two years later I found a well-paid job where I work as a senior project administrator. I was able to provide for my children.

My relationship with God grows stronger by the day. God has removed the shame of eight years and given me peace of mind," said Abrina.

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