27 November 2018

Enjoying the fruits of my labour

For ten years Nomfundama did not enjoy the fruits of her hard labour. She had a well-paid job in a government department, but her debts left her with nothing to survive on at the end of the month.

"I could not provide for my children and pay my house bond because most of my salary went on expensive medication for my ill-health. I had severe pain in my back and doctors could not diagnose my illness for many years. The pain was so severe that I could not sleep at night or do my house chores. The pain worsened in winter.  I had to see a doctor every second week and that left me in financial constraints. Every month- end I was left with nothing to survive on and I had to borrow money from friends for my bus fare to work," said Nomfundama.

Her boyfriend, a member of the Universal Church, invited Nomfundama to attend services with him because he knew of her struggle.

"He encouraged me to believe in God’s power and assured me that my life was going to change," said Nomfundama.

She took part in the chains of prayer on Tuesdays for healing. “In less than a month the pains disappeared. I was able to sleep at night and do my house chores without feeling any pain," she said.

Her finances improved after she took part in the Campaign of Israel in 2001.

"I was in the church for one year when I decided to take a leap of faith for my finances to improve. I was able pay off my debts and faithfully meet my bond. I was also able to provide for my children. That year I bought a second house with five-bedrooms," said Nomfundama.

She continued taking part in the Campaign of Israel because she believed that as a child of God she could achieve great things in life.

"In 2009, I bought myself a car, an Isuzu bakkie and the same year, I got married to my boyfriend, Sivuyile. In 2016 I was also blessed in another Campaign of Israel. I bought another car, a Ford Ranger. All my cars are fully paid up. I am grateful to God because I can now see the fruits of my labour," said Nomfundama.

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