24 June 2019

Found refuge in the church

"On my first day in the church I was running away from a man who wanted to shoot me after a fight we had over a woman. My rival pointed a gun at me and threatened to kill me. I ran away in the early hours of the morning with him following.

I saw a group of people going into a building and I followed them to save my life. When I got in, I sat down and fell asleep because I was tired from drinking the whole night.

I only realised that I was in the Universal Church when I woke up and an assistant attended to me. That was when I told him how I got to the church and my financial battles since I was unemployed. He prayed for me and assured me that my life was going to change. He also advised me about the different movements of faith in the church.

I attended services on Mondays for my finances to improve and on Fridays for my deliverance from alcohol. After two years in the church, I stopped drinking alcohol and later found a job. I managed to move to my own place after living with different friends for many years.

At a service, I was inspired to start my own business. In 2014, I started a catering company and I now have five people working for me. The issues in my life pushed me to run to God and I am now spiritually strong," said Gideon.