03 July 2018

From 1 room to 15 properties

Tebogo did not lose hope of leading a good life after the company that awarded her a bursary pulled out while she was still in her second year at university.

"I was already a member at the Universal Church and continued using my faith to change my life. I stayed at home for almost a year without a job. I later found an internship and the same company offered me a permanent position," said Tebogo.

She continued coming to the church and believed that God had great things in store for her. Tebogo met Masilo in 2004 and they were married after they dated for 10 months.

"We both had jobs, but our finances continued to make us live in shame. We could not afford a decent place so we rented a room. We sometimes walked long distances to and from our work places because we didn’t have taxi fare. I became tired of leading a shameful life and took advantage of the Campaign of Israel," she said.

Tebogo and her husband took a leap of faith and applied for a house that was approved without any challenges, even though they didn't qualify.

"It was only after we took part in the Campaign that we were able to live in our dream house, situated in our ideal area. We continued taking part in different campaigns in the church and the blessings of God abounded in our lives," said Tebogo.

She and her husband registered a property business, selling and renting properties. Their business grew, enabling them to afford all the finer things in life.

Today Tebogo owns 15 properties, six cars and three pieces of vacant land.

Their cars include a Daewoo Martiz, a Corsa Club, a Toyota Atios, a Jeep Grand Cherokee, a Mercedes and a Landrover Freelander.