27 November 2018

From a homeless child to a successful businessman

Dallas became homeless when his mother passed away when he was 13 years old. He recalls days when he went for hours without eating because he could not afford to buy food.

"When my mother passed away in 2000 I was in grade seven, but I could not continue to high school.  Life became difficult as my siblings could not afford to take care of me. I washed cars on the streets and the little that I made could only pay for food," said Dallas.

Dallas was invited to the Universal Church 2000. He attended the Monday services because he needed a job.

"I got a job after a few months, but I was fired because I had stolen. Life became extremely difficult when my landlord chased me out after failing to pay rent. I found my belongings thrown outside the house. I could not negotiate because I had not paid rent for a long time. I had no choice but to sleep in a toilet, something I had never imagined for my life," said Dallas.

Dallas understood that he had wronged God when he had stolen from his employer. He attended Wednesday services for his spiritual life.

"I wanted to have God's character and I wanted to be forgiven for stealing," he said.

Through his faith he was able to find another job at a car dealership where he started working as a handy man and was later promoted to be a sales person. “I was not sure if I was the right person for the job because I could not calculate nor speak English fluently,” said Dallas.

When the company closed down, Dallas was inspired to re-open it as his own.

"My business was struggling and I had regrets about why I had started it. I did not make enough profit and clients did not trust me," said

Dallas. After hearing the testimonies from the Campaign of Israel, Dallas decided to take part in 2012.

"Participation in the campaign taught me that I needed to depend on God. I wanted a new life," he said.

Dallas said that his phone does not stop ringing now and that he has clients from all over Africa.

"I import and sell cars. I have built a relationship with more than 100 clients. I am able to take care of my family and my siblings. I have a beautiful place to live. I do not take any decisions without consulting God first," said Dallas.

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