27 November 2018

From shack to spacious home

Raising a child without knowing where their next meal would come from was the most difficult thing for Mamathe after she lost her job.

She lived with her unemployed mother and her son in a shack, so owning a house was a far-fetched dream for her.

"We went to bed hungry and it was difficult to pay my son’s day care fees. I ended up taking domestic work to earn money to feed my family. The R15 I earned a day was only enough to buy paraffin and mealie meal," said Mamathe.

Two years after she lost her job Mamathe was invited to the Universal Church. She attended the services because she wanted God to bless her finances.

"On my first day in the church, I received strength and hope for a better life. After a week, I found a job at a furniture shop and my life started to improve. I was able to provide for my family and paid everyone to whom I owed money. God continues to bless my life. In 2000, I got married to my high school sweetheart and we later had two more children. However, we lived in a shack because we could not afford to buy a house," said Mamathe.

In 2008, she took part in the Campaign of Israel and asked God for a financial breakthrough.

"In the church I was inspired to start my own business. I took an act of faith and registered a catering business. My business grew and I hired five people to work for me. Two years later I bought a two-roomed house for my family," she said.

When another Campaign of Israel was introduced, she took part and asked God to bless her with her dream house.

"That same year God blessed my finances and I managed to buy a three-bedroomed house. I later renovated my mother's RDP house. I now lack nothing and do not worry about our next meal because God is our provider," said Mamathe. I am now fulfilled and spiritually matured,” said Mamathe.

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