06 December 2018

Getting married was a far-fetched dream because of financial problems

For more than 20 years Hildah and her live-in partner were unemployed and dependent on his mother for financial support.

"We had a child and the food we ate was always donated by my mother-in-law. Getting married was a far-fetched dream for us because of our financial situation," said Hildah.

In 2002 Hildah was invited to the Universal Church and attended the services with her partner.

"At a Monday service we were encouraged by the testimonies of people who found jobs after they started using their faith to change their financial problems," she said.

She and her partner were able to secure jobs in different companies after a few months of attending the services.

"Our situation changed as we were able to provide for ourselves and our daughter. We also saved money to get married because we wanted to live right before God. We were then able to register our marriage with Home Affairs and got blessed in the church in 2002 after we had cohabited for more than 20 years. Giving my life to God, brought me the peace and financial stability I never had before," said Hildah.

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