05 July 2019

God restored my dignity and finances

Working for a small salary prevented Moffat from making progress and made it difficult to provide for his family. He moved in with his girlfriend after they had their first child because he thought it would be easy for him to provide for them when they lived together.

"I lived from hand to mouth and I could not save from my salary. I always wanted to marry my partner but I could not afford to pay ilobola. We continued living together and we later had three other children which made it even more difficult for me to provide for my family.

My situation worsened after our eldest daughter finished high school and I could not pay for her fees to further her studies. She was disappointed when I told her she could not enrol for that year. The disappointment on her face left me feeling ashamed of myself for failing my family. I could not sleep well at night because I constantly thought of the shameful life I led," said Moffat.

In 2014, Moffat was invited to the Universal Church and attended services on Mondays for his finances to improve.

"I was encouraged by the testimonies of other people who started their businesses after they attended services on Mondays. In 2016, I resigned from my job and started a construction company. My finances improved and that same year I was able to marry the mother of my four children after we dated for 29 years.

I now sleep peacefully at night because God removed my shame. My family lack nothing and I am happily married. I am enjoying financial freedom in the presence of God," said Moffat.