12 April 2019

Grumpy and financially burdened

Waking up early and walking long distances to school turned Kefiloe into a grumpy child who always fell asleep during classes.

Her mother was unemployed and could not afford most things, including Kefiloe's transport costs.

"I was in grade seven when I had to wake up at 4am in order to catch a bus that drove past my school because my mother could not afford to put me on the school’s transport. I was always tired and grumpy when I got to school. I would fall asleep during the class and I was also rude towards my mother and refused to be corrected," said Kefiloe.

When Kefiloe started high school, she moved to her sister who stayed close to her school but that did not change her financial problems

"My sister was unemployed and had two children of her own. We all depended on my brother-in-law's salary. I felt like poverty was going to be a part of me for the rest of my life," she said.

In 2006 Kefiloe and her sister were invited to the Universal Church.

"At a service I understood that being grumpy was not a solution to my financial problems. I also realised that for my life to change, I needed to have the character of God in me. I started investing in my spiritual life by attending services on Wednesdays. After a few weeks I was able to let go of my short-temper and live a peaceful life with people around me. I was able to complete my matric two years later and got a learnership in public safety.

I am now studying towards a diploma as a management assistant at a college and I am also working as an intern at the Department of Education. I was able to overcome poverty and enjoy financial freedom through my faith in God," said Kefiloe.

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