10 December 2018

Homeless in a foreign country

Relocating to the United Kingdom with his mother at the age of 10 was exciting for Luntu, but little did he know about the adjustment he would have to make. Things did not turn out as expected.

"My mother found a job as a nurse and she moved with me to the United Kingdom. It was exciting, but adjusting to a different lifestyle was not easy for me. I remember having to change my name to fit in with the group. I did all the wrong things my friends did. I started robbing children of their belongings when I was 14 years old. The first theft was taking a cell phone from a younger child. I targeted the young ones because they had no strength to fight back and I did not want to use a weapon,"  said Luntu.

Life became an uphill battle when his mother lost her job.

"My mother could no longer afford to pay rent and we were evicted. We moved from one house to another. I felt humiliated and was ashamed of our lives. My visa application was declined and I thought I was watching my dream of studying performing arts go down the drain," said Luntu.

In 2008 Luntu was invited to the Universal Church, where he was introduced to the Youth Power Group. He attended Monday services and asked God for a financial breakthrough. He also took part in the chains of prayer on Wednesdays to fill the void he had.

"I took part in different movements of faith and I depended on God. I wanted a visa so I could further my studying but my application was never approved.  However, I was never dismayed and remained positive. God honoured my faith and in 2014 I was awarded a bursary to study in Cape Town. I came back to South Africa and studied for a degree in performing arts that I obtained through a private institution. I was later able to start my own business. I now lack nothing and have a place to live," he said.

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