04 December 2017

I built my dream house

Only after Eugene took part in the Campaign of the Temple of Solomon in June this year was he able to build the house of his dreams and see his business grow.

For nine years, he lived with his family in a cramped house because he could not afford to buy the kind of home he wanted.

"I bought my house in 2007 when I was working as a sales consultant. All the rooms were very small while the kitchen and sitting room were open-plan. The two rooms for our children could only have a single bed each," he said.

As a member of the church for many years, Eugene understood that God honours faith, so he took advantage of every campaign in the church because he wanted to own a spacious house.

"In each and every campaign I used my faith and I believed that God was going to bless my finances so that I could build the house of my dreams. I was also inspired to work hard because God blesses the work of our hands. I started a supply and distribution company. I resigned from my job because I wanted to be full time in the business. Starting the company was not easy.  At times I felt like giving up because I was not making good profit. I sometimes doubted if I was going to be able to provide for my family as I used to do before I left my job.

I however continued using my faith and trusted that God was never going to fail me. God gave me all the wisdom I needed to run my business. My finances improved and I was able to save from the profit I made.  In 2013, I ventured into the property business. I bought two houses that I rent out," he said.

Eugene's dream came to pass this year after he took part in the Campaign of the Temple of Solomon.

"God blessed my financial life so much that even when the bank offered me a loan for a bond on the house, I rejected it because I could afford to build without borrowing from anyone. In June this year, I demolished the house we lived in and started building the house of my dreams.

We then moved into a rented house for two months while our house was under construction. I now own a spacious house with a double garage, and it is fully furnished. I am happy and I appreciate the blessings afforded to me by God. I now take every campaign as an opportunity to move from one blessing to another. I learned to put God first in my life and trust Him. I have a close relationship with God and am faithful to Him," said Eugene.