05 January 2018

I committed everything I have

Joining the UCKG and later committing to the Campaign of Israel gave Gugu a second chance in life.

She was separated from her husband after 11 years and suffered a major stroke that left her unable to walk when she came to the church. She was unemployed and lived in a shack for almost nine years.

"I battled to put food on the table for my four children. My youngest child was only a month old at that time. I later found a cleaning job at a private hospital, enabling me to support my children and pay for their school fees," she said.

When Gugu thought things were falling into place in her life, she suffered a major stroke that left her bedridden for a month. In 1994, she came to the church as her last hope. "The first day I came, I couldn't walk on my own. My son and his friend drove me. To my surprise, I was able to walk back home on my own after I received prayers. I was also able to go back to my work, "she said.

She worked for 16 years before she was retrenched. After four years in the church, Gugu took part in the Campaign of Israel. "I committed everything I received from my provident fund and believed that God was going to bless me. My older daughter found a job soon after the Campaign ended. She saved money and she was able to build me a double storey house. She later bought me a car, a Polo Playa," said Gugu.

Gugu and her daughter registered a construction company that was among those companies awarded tenders to build an airport in Durban. Since then her life has turned into a dream she never thought she would live.

"My family company now owns eight cars and all my children are a part of it. They are taking good care of me.

I eat what I want. In my journey with God I have learnt that when I trust and surrender all in Him, I’ll never be in want. He provides more than I can ask for," said Gugu.