06 December 2018

I depended on my husband for financial support

Lindiwe and her family of four survived on R300 a month that her mother earned as a domestic worker. It became even more difficult for her mother to provide for Lindiwe and her two siblings after they got to high school.

"We struggled for everything including food. My siblings could not further their studies after they completed matric. I failed my matric and decided to look for a job because I was tired of my financial situation," said Lindiwe.

She remained unemployed for 10 years and her financial problems did not change. She later married and had children, but she still struggled to find a job.

"I depended on my husband for financial support. My husband sometimes could not pay rent because he had to do everything alone," said Lindiwe.

In 2009 Lindiwe enrolled for a one-year certificate in finances and found a job three years later.

"My contract ended a year later and I started looking for a job again," said Lindiwe.

In 2014 she was invited to the Universal Church and attended Monday services because she needed a financial breakthrough. She put her faith into practice and applied for a job in different companies.

"This year, I found a good permanent job. I was then able to contribute money for food, rent and take care of our children. I am also able to take care of my mother. There is nothing more satisfying than having a job and finacial freedom," said Lindiwe.

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