30 October 2017

I had no goals in life

Growing up in a family with very little money forced Mbuso to drop out of school in grade seven.

"When I passed grade seven, I knew I was not going to have money to go to high school because the money my parents earned from the farm was too little. We were one of the poorest families in my village. The only place I could possibly get employed was on the farm where my parents worked," said Mbuso.

His aunt who lived in Johannesburg took Mbuso to live with her.  After two months in Johannesburg, Mbuso was invited to the Universal Church and attended the services daily because he was not working.

"I wanted to see the power of God in my life, because the person who invited me told me that there was nothing impossible with God. As I continued attending the services, I realised that I had stopped having goals for my life and had lost hope because I was not educated. I was encouraged to see beyond my limitations and trust God with my life," he said.

Within a month in the church, Mbuso found a job.

"That was a miracle for me because I did not have any qualifications and I only had grade seven. I was paid well and could send money to my family back at home," he said.

At a Monday service, Mbuso was encouraged to venture into business and he registered an electrical business where he installs electrical connections and repairs home appliances.

"Giving my life to God inspired me to dream big in life. I know there is nothing that is impossible with my God. My company is growing and making good profit and I live the kind of life that is far beyond my natural ability, because God is with me," he said

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