21 January 2019

I risked my life for money

Dating too many women at the same time brought down Titos's once profitable business. "I sold accessories and cell phone pouches. My business was doing well and I was able to afford the finer things in life. Dating many women at once became my flaw.

At some point, I dated 17 women at once and I spent money on them all because I wanted to make them happy. I bought them expensive gifts and gave them money. I could not save anymore and I did not see the profit. I eventually had to close down my business after four years," said Titos.

To maintain his lifestyle and entertain his girlfriends, Titos joined a notorious gang, broke into people's houses, robbed factories and used guns.

"I later got a job that I used as a cover up for my family not to suspect that I was involved in criminal activities. An incident when I was almost arrested challenged me to change. I was caught stealing from a house and the domestic worker called neighbours and police.

I heard the police siren and I saw the security guards running towards the house. I left everything I had stolen, including a laptop, in front of the gate and ran into the bushes," said Titos.

A week after that incident, Titos was invited to the Universal Church and attended the services.

"I decided to surrender my life to God. I stopped my criminal activities because I wanted to please God with my life. I then ended all my relationships with the women I dated and invested my time in building a relationship with God.

I later registered a construction company. I received big contracts and managed to hire six people. I now live a pleasing life before God and depend on His word for everything," said Titos.

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