17 July 2018

Learning the hard way

Growing up in a shack while her friends lived in proper houses made Patience disrespect her parents because she saw them as failures.

"I was very young when I started attending services with my mother at the Universal Church. We lived in a shack and my father had a minibus that he used to transport people. His business did not provide enough income for him to afford a house.

As I grew older I started hating my home because I had friends who lived in decent houses. I did not want them to visit me because I didn’t have my own bedroom like they did. I started disrespecting my parents because I felt they didn’t work hard enough to give me and my siblings a better home. I backchatted them and refused to be corrected.

My mother grew tired of my bad behaviour and chased me out. Realising that I had nowhere to go made me start appreciating my parents, because I had a roof over my head. I realised how I had hurt my parents with my behaviour and lack of gratitude.  I apologised and promised to change. I was still given to occasional outbursts of anger when I thought about the shameful state of our home, but this made me realise that I needed help changing my behaviour and gaining self-control.

I then attended Wednesday and Sunday services for my spiritual life to develop. I also prayed for us to have a better home because I learned that God wants the best for His children.  My mother found a well-paid job. My parents could then save money and buy a plot.  They recently built a seven-roomed house. My father later bought two more mini buses and his business is doing very well. Through my faith in God, I now have a proper home, something I longed for, for many years.

My parents' finances improved and I now understand that they are hard workers and they always want the best things for me. I have a beautiful place to call home that I am not ashamed of. I now allow my friends to visit me because I am proud of my home. The joy I have in me left no room for anger," said Patience.

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