12 April 2019

Living a life of fulfilment

For two years Precious felt she was a burden on her sister and friends because she battled to find a job.

"After I finished high-school I moved to Johannesburg with my sister so I could look for a job. However, things were different when I arrived. My sister lived with her boyfriend and the situation was awkward for me. It was not easy to share a small room with a couple. I sometimes had to visit my friends in order to give my sister and her boyfriend privacy. My friends would also chase me away when their boyfriends came to visit.

The situation frustrated me and made me feel like a burden. In 2002, I received a pamphlet from the Universal Church. I didn't hesitate because I wanted a change in my life. I attended Monday services for my finances to develop and on Wednesdays for spiritual development. Within two weeks I received a phone call offering me a job at a restaurant as a waiter. I immediately found myself a place to stay.

I managed to save money and registered for a short-course in beauty therapy. After completing it, I found a job as a beauty therapist. A year later I was promoted to a director's position," she said. 

Precious started praying for her love life.

"Two years later I met Colrain in the church and we dated for two years before we registered our marriage with the Department of Home Affairs. I live a fulfilled life because the light of God shines on me all the time," she said.

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