12 July 2019

Living the dream

Jeffrey was encouraged to dream again after he started attending services at the Universal Church. He became frustrated and discouraged after he completed matric, but could not further his studies.

"I applied to different universities, but did not get a response from any of them and I found myself idling at home. That left me discouraged because I had been the best learner at school," said Jeffrey.

He found a job as a security guard where he worked for long hours and earned little money.

"That discouraged me even more because I did not enjoy the fruits of my hard labour. I started dating many women because I wanted to shift my focus away from how my life had turned out. That did not fulfil me or bring me peace as I still had this emptiness in me. I developed suicidal thoughts and wished I could be hit by a car and die on the spot because my life was going nowhere," said Jeffrey.

In 2014, Jeffrey attended services at the Universal Church after watching the church's programme on television.

"I was encouraged by testimonies from people who had their lives transformed and I believed that God was going to change mine as well. At a service, I was encouraged to dream big and I found a job as a chemical operator after four months in the church.

My finances improved and I was motivated to live my life to the fullest. At a Wednesday service, I understood that true happiness came from God and I stopped dating many women. I asked Him to fill me with His presence and I am no longer suicidal. Committing my life to God has given me peace," said Jeffrey.