11 June 2018

Loneliness in my marriage

Learning about her husband's criminal activities after she gave birth to their second child left Gertrude devastated and disappointed.

"All I knew was that he had odd jobs that gave him enough money to provide for me and the children. The news of his arrest for theft when our second child was only a month old came as shock. He was sentenced to four years in prison," said Gertrude.

Her husband was released on parole, but he continued with his criminal activities.

"The same year he came out of prison, he was arrested six times for crimes such as car hijacking and stealing people’s bank cards and withdrawing their money. In all these incidents, I had to pay huge amounts of bail for him," said Gertrude.

Gertrude later resigned from her job and bought three mini buses that she used to run a transport business.

"The business did not do well and all three mini buses were repossessed by the bank after three years. Life became difficult for me and my family because we sometimes went to bed without food," said Gertrude.

In 1995 Gertrude was invited to the Universal Church and she attended the services on Mondays for her finances. She also came on Thursdays and prayed for her husband to change. 

"At a Monday service I was encouraged to use my talent to sew beaded handbags that I sold to make ends meet. My husband found a well paid job and abandoned his criminal activities. I no longer need to worry about his safety because he is always home when he is not at work," said Gertrude.