31 January 2019

Loss left me bitter and angry

Learning about the passing on of her mother through a radio broadcast was the most traumatic experience for Noluthando.

"I was up till late that night when I found myself listening to an obituary on radio. That was when I heard about my mother's passing. I was later told she went to sleep and did not wake up. The news left me shattered because my mother was not sick. The worst thing was that my mother's family did not make it to the funeral and I had no one to offer me the support I needed during the grieving period. Losing my mother and grieving alone left me angry and bitter towards her family," said Noluthando

She was invited to the Universal Church in 2000 and attended services because she wanted God to bless her with a job.

"I took part in the chains of prayers on Mondays and asked God to bless my financial life. I also attended on Wednesdays for my spiritual life to develop. The word of God taught me that I needed to let go of the anger and bitterness I had towards my mother's family. I also understood that I had allowed anger to stand like a wall between me and my future.

I prayed and asked God to help me heal from the pain of losing my mother and to forgive her family. That same year I found a job as a sales consultant in a retail shop. I later started my own business and I am financially blessed. Forgiveness brought me peace and inner healing," said Noluthando.

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