14 January 2019

Mother's secret revealed

Discovering who her biological mother was at the age of nine left Nontuthuzelo a bitter and rebellious child who later dated many men.

"I was raised by my grandmother because my mother was married to a man by whom she had two children. My mother, who I thought was my sister, visited and provided for us. However, the family kept it a secret that she was my mother," said Nontuthuzelo

The secret was revealed by a neighbour who told Nontuthuzelo that she looked exactly like her mother. "I was shocked because I knew the person she spoke about to be my sister. I then asked my grandmother who denied that it was true," she said.

Her grandmother only told Nontuthuzelo the truth when she was nine years old.

"I was shocked by the news and I became angry with both my grandmother and mother. I felt that she did not love me and that made me a rebellious child. I started dating more than one man at once from the age of 14. My boyfriends were already working because I wanted them to provide for me financially," she said.

A year later her grandmother passed away and she moved in with her mother's family where she was ill-treated. After completing matric, Nontuthuzelo studied for a degree in social science.

In 2004 Nontuthuzelo was invited to the Universal Church and attended services because she battled to secure a job after she completed her degree. She took part in the chains of prayer on Mondays for her finances to improve. On Wednesdays she prayed for her spiritual development.

"I opened a spaza shop and later moved to my own place. As I grew spiritually, I understood that I needed to forgive in order to be forgiven. I forgave my mother for leaving me when I was a child and let go of the past. I now have a good relationship with her. Forgiving her brought peace and joy in my life," said Nontuthuzelo.