02 April 2019

One decision opened many gates

Fighting with his mother, drinking alcohol and smoking dagga ended after Siyabonga attended services at the Universal Church and saw a need to rebuild his broken life in 2002.

"I drank alcohol and smoked cigarettes and dagga. My mother always complained about my bad habits, including back chatting her, but I did not listen. After completing my matric, I decided to move in with my brother who lived in a shack because I did not want to be controlled by my mother.

We battled financially and we sometimes went for three days without eating because my brother was also unemployed. I did not want to ask my mother for financial help because we did not have a good relationship," said Siyabonga.

In 2002, he was invited to the Universal Church and he attended the services because he wanted to find a job. He took part in the Chains of Prayer on Mondays for his finances and on Fridays for his deliverance from his addiction.

"At a service, I understood that drinking and smoking were slowly destroying my life and delaying my progress. I surrendered my life to God and I was later able to stop drinking and smoking. That same year God blessed me with a job," he said.

Siyabonga humbled himself, apologised to his mother and moved back home.

"God honoured my faith and He blessed me with my own family. In 2008, I met Zimbini in the church and we were married after we dated for three years. We were blessed with one children and I was able to set a good example for them. As I continued praying for my finances on Mondays, God blessed me with a good job in the mining industry. I was able to buy a car, a Toyota Prado. I am happily married and have a good home and family structure. I never fought with my mother, drank alcohol or smoked since I gave my life to God," said Siyabonga.

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