31 January 2019

Paying one debt with another

Living from hand to mouth for over seven years was the reason Thembi decided to attend services at the Universal Church.

"I earned too little to provide for my mother and five siblings. I ended up borrowing money from different people and I paid one debt with another. That left me even more deeply in debt. Sometimes I wished that month-ends would not come, because I didn't enjoy my salary. My stagnant life took away my inner peace. One afternoon in 2002 I was invited to the Universal Church. The pastor explained the different chains of prayers available in the church and I started attending services on Mondays to ask God to bless my financial life.

That same year I received a promotion at work and a salary increase. I paid off my debts and I was able to save some money as well. I later found another job that paid me well and I was able to buy myself a new car, a Kia Rio," she said.

Thembi attended the services on Thursdays and prayed for her family who did not want anything to do with the church.  Before the end of that year some of her family members started attending the services with her and became committed members.

"I never thought it was possible to enjoy a financial independence and freedom through faith," she said.

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