25 July 2018

Poverty, anger and frustration

Battling to make ends meet while running a slow business frustrated Zodwa who was unemployed and had three children to fend for.

"My financial life became a mess after I lost my job in 2006. I tried different kinds of businesses however they all failed. I sold T-shirts and I made little money from them and I decided to stop. I later sold cold meat hampers and my clients sometimes did not pay me on time. I could not provide for my children the way I wanted to. I always had to fight in order to get my money. That drained me emotionally. I was always angry and took out my frustration on my children," she said.   

One afternoon Zodwa was meeting one of her clients at a local mall when a member of the Universal Church invited her to the church.

"I started by attending Sunday services until I heard about the Monday chain of prayer for finances. I attended without fail because I wanted to see the power of God in my life. Months later I started seeing improvement in my finances as my clientele grew and they paid on time. I was able to do things for my children the way I wanted to. In the Monday meetings I learnt more about other business and I managed to venture into Forex exchange. I bought myself equipment such as a laptop so I could be able to be fully involved in the business. I made good money and I was able to buy myself a brand-new car, a Toyota Quest, 2017 model.

As I continued attending other services such as Wednesdays, God gave me the inner peace I didn't have. I no longer had reasons to be angry because through my faith God was providing for my needs. I now live a peaceful life and do not lack anything at all because I gave all my burdens to God," she said.