12 December 2017

Poverty was all I knew

Seeing a board with the sign 'Stop Suffering' and an arrow pointing to the Universal Church, prompted Nobelungu to go into the church. Nobelungu and her five children depended on her husband's small income earned from various odd jobs

"We lived in extreme poverty and had nothing to eat most times. Three of our children were in primary school while I kept the other two at home. My husband sometimes battled with transport money to go to work and for our three children to go to school. We were all cramped into a two-roomed RDP house. The financial load was heavy for my husband and I battled to secure a job," she said.

One day in 1998, Nobelungu saw a board with the sign 'Stop Suffering' and an arrow pointing to the church so she decided to go in.

"I was desperate for anything that was going to end my suffering and take me out of poverty.  I took part in chains of prayer on Mondays for my financial life to change and Wednesdays for my spiritual life to develop. As I continued attending the services, my faith was strengthened and I was filled with hope for a better life. Even though I was still unemployed and my husband’s salary had not changed, we were able to survive on what we had," said Nobelungu.

Her husband later passed away in a car accident. "My situation worsened because there was no income any more, but my faith in God kept me and the children going. I found work as a domestic worker and that gave me an income. I continued coming to the church on Mondays and asked God to open doors of opportunity for me.  My eldest son found a job and could contribute to the family’s needs.

Five years after the passing of my husband, the road accident fund paid me out.  I built myself a five-bedroomed house, something that I never thought would happen in my lifetime. I was also able to pay for my second child's university fees. She has completed her studies and now works at a bank. My family and I no longer lack anything. Putting my trust in God saw me through my darkest days. I'm a living testimony that God hears and answers those who put their trust in Him.  The spirit of God gave me the comfort I needed when I lost my husband," said Nobelungu.

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