14 January 2019

Shamed and humiliated by debt

Making the wrong financial decisions left Fikile, a nurse by profession, deeply in debt and forced to live in a one-roomed shack.

"I had a compulsive buying disorder and spent my salary on clothes and good food. I was never satisfied with what I had. As a result, I bought more clothes and more food. That made me sink into debt and I was later blacklisted by the clothing shops to whom I owed money," she said.

In her efforts to save herself from her dire financial state, Fikile resigned from her nursing job.

"That did not change my financial situation. Instead I lost more than R50,000 on different money-making schemes. My car was written off after it was   involved in accident. It was like my pockets had a hole because I kept losing things instead of gaining anything. Things went from bad to worse after I broke up with my fiancé and had to move into a one-roomed shack with my teenage son. That was the most shameful and humiliating situation for me.  My son had to leave the shack each time I had to dress or undress.  I didn’t want people to know where I lived," said Fikile.

A car accident that almost killed her and some friends prompted Fikile to attend services at the Universal Church.

"The incident shook me and made me realise that I needed God's intervention. I attended services on Mondays and asked God to bless my financial life. I went back to work again and I was able to buy a house and a Nissan Qashqai after nine years. God removed my shame and humiliation. In His presence, I found financial freedom and dignity, things I did not have, said Fikile.

I'm at peace with how my life turned out.  It shows that waiting on God brings out the best results," she said.  

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