30 April 2019

Taking a leap of faith

Believing in the Word of God and using his faith opened the doors to employment for Joseph, who struggled for a year to find a job after completing matric.

As the elder of two children, Joseph felt it was not good to depend on his parents for financial support at the age of 20.

"My parents had general jobs that paid them little money to provide for us. They could not afford to buy us things such as clothes and toiletries. My hopes of finding a job after I completed matric started fading as the months went by. I developed doubts and feared that I was not going to become anything in life," he said.

One afternoon Joseph was sitting outside his home when members of the Universal Church gave him a copy of Stop Suffering. He read the testimonies that gave him hope for a better life. He started attending church services that week.

"At a service, I learnt about the importance of applying the Word of God in my situation. I attended Monday services for my financial life to develop as well as Friday services to be delivered from doubts and fear," he said.

After three months in the church, Joseph found a job. Within a year he secured a well-paid job, enabling him to provide for himself and his family. Seeing progress in his life, Joseph’s family started attending church services with him.

"I have inner peace and I don't lack anything in life. I no longer have doubts and fear because I have God who guides and protects me," he said. 

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