11 January 2019

The come-back that changed my life

A struggle to find a job and a feeling of emptiness compelled Namhla to return to the church to rekindle her relationship with God after being away for three years.

"I started attending Universal Church services with my mother from a very young age. However, when I became a teenager I left. I started living my life to please myself and drank alcohol. I also went to parties, but I was never fulfilled by the wild life I led.

I had a void inside, especially when out partying and drinking at night. I realised that it wasn’t the life I wanted to live. After I graduated from university, I battled to find a job. That's when I knew that I needed to go back to God," she said.  

Namhla started attending the services and engaged in different chains of prayers.

"When I came back to the church, I also invited Zakhele, my boyfriend. I came on Mondays for my financial life and Wednesdays for my spiritual life to develop. Slowly the presence of God gave me the comfort and fulfilment I longed for.

Four years later Zakhele and I got married in the church after we dated for two years.  In the middle of last year I finally found a job. That same year I was promoted to a senior position. The Spirit of God has enabled me to be patient and trust in the Lord instead of wanting to do things with my own power. I'm happily married and have peace within my house, and I serve the Lord," said Namhla.

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