25 July 2018

The invitation that changed my life

Attending the services at the Universal Church was the best decision Thobeka made after she was invited by a stranger she met on the street. She suffered a major stroke that left her left hand semi-paralysed.

"I worked as a domestic worker and my left hand was not working properly, making difficult for me to go about my daily duties. I could not leave the job because I had a family of eight to provide for. The pain in my left hand was so severe that I sometimes thought it was going to kill me. It sometimes kept me awake throughout the night while I had to be at work the next morning. I did not tell my employer about the sleepless nights and the pain I suffered because I feared she was going to release me from my duties," said Thobeka.

She recalled a day she met Marriam, a member of the Universal Church and how her life changed for the better thereafter.

"She gave me an envelope and instructed me not to open it, but bring it to the church on a Sunday. The whole week, I was curious to open it and see what was inside. The long-awaited Sunday came and I was so anxious to get to the church and open the envelope. When the time to open the envelope came, I found a verse that was taken from the book of Proverbs. That Bible verse gave me hope for a healthy life and blessed finances," she said.

She continued attending the church services and trusted God with her problems.

"I attended Monday services for my finances to improve and Tuesdays for my healing. I surrendered my life to God and became faithful to Him with my life. I took the blessed oil from the church and applied it on my hand with faith that I was going to be healed. After a year in the church, my hand started working normally and the pain stopped.

I was able to sleep at night without pain. My employer offered me a job at reception at her family company, a job I did not qualify to do. He increased my salary and life improved at home. I am enjoying a healthy life and received the assurance of my salvation. Committing my life to God afforded me the job I did not qualify for and brought me healing," said Thobeka.

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