10 September 2018

Unemployed and discouraged

"Life became uphill for me and my five siblings after our parents passed on within months of each other. My grandmother raised us with her pension money, but it was the most difficult time for all of us. The hope of finding a job after I completed matric was all that kept me going.

I was so discouraged when years went by without my finding a job, because my grandmother was battling to provide for us financially. I sometimes did not have money to send in my job applications. I started babysitting for my relatives, but I became discouraged and stopped after two years because they sometimes did not pay me. I sold fried chips and fat cakes from home, but I still did not make profit and stopped. That left me discouraged and dejected. I isolated myself from people and spent most of my time indoors because I felt incompetent. I started entertaining negative thoughts and believed I was not ever going to get a job.

My younger sister encouraged me to attend the services with her at the Universal Church because they had one day when they prayed for job seekers.

I attended the services in 2004. At a service, I felt the pastor knew my problems because everything he mentioned was what I was going through. I took part in the chain of prayer on Mondays and asked God to bless me with a job.

I was encouraged to send out my CV and I found my first job as a cashier at a restaurant. I was promoted to an assistant manager a year later. Life started to improve as I was able to help my grandmother financially.

I continued attending the services on Wednesdays to develop my spiritual life. The restaurant closed down after seven years, but I was not left without a job because my employer recommended me to the company I am now working for.

The salary was more that what I used earn. I was able to continue providing for my siblings after my grandmother passed on. I am also studying for a diploma in education because I was encouraged to start dreaming again. I regained my confidence and stopped entertaining negativity. I learnt to trust God and put Him first in everything I do," said Sibongile.

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