12 July 2019

Unemployed and lonely

Being unable to secure a job after he graduated with a higher certificate in advertising turned Michael into an emotional wreck and a loner.

"For two years, I survived on the little money I made from designing adverts for local shops, but it was not enough to provide for my siblings and my daughter. My financial situation broke my heart and made me short- tempered.  I vented my frustration on my siblings who ended up leaving the family house and living with my aunt. Believing that I was incompetent at securing a job, I became discouraged and stopped sending out my CV," said Michael.

Michael started attending the services at the Universal Church in January this year.

"I attended services on Mondays and asked God to bless me with a job and on Wednesdays for my spiritual development. After three months in the church, I was hired as a merchandiser at a retail store. My relationship with God developed and I gained control of my emotions.  God restored my relationship with my siblings and I am at peace with everyone around me," said Michael.