26 September 2018

Unemployment rage

Being unable to find a job for 10 years after she completed her matric turned Nokhwezi into an angry monster who nearly stabbed her brother with a knife after a minor argument.

"I envied the lives of my friends and siblings who were already making progress in life while I still depended on my mother for financial support. To make matters worse, none of the companies I applied to responded to me. I felt like a disgrace in the family. I developed anger and was easily irritated," said Nokhwezi.

Unable to control her outbursts of anger, Nokhwezi nearly stabbed her brother with a knife after they had a minor argument.

"I grabbed a knife from the kitchen and ran towards him. My friends who were with us were able to hold me and took the knife away before I could get to him. I later realised how I nearly killed my brother and ended up in jail because of anger. I also drank alcohol and went to parties because it gave me temporary relief from the life of humiliation I lived," she said.

In 1996 Nokhwezi started attending services at the Universal Church with her mother.

"At a service I understood that God's plans were to prosper me in all areas of my life. I believed in His promises and kept on praying for a financial breakthrough on Mondays," said Nokhwezi.

However, she continued drinking alcohol occasionally with her friends.

"God's promises became a reality in my life after five years in the church when I decided to surrender my life to Him. I was healed from the anger and bitterness I had. I was also able to appreciate other people's achievements because I understood that my turn to be blessed was coming.  I stopped drinking and going to parties because I realised it was not good for my spiritual life.

I found a permanent job as an administrative clerk.  I was able to take care of my needs and help my family financially. The presence of God gave me peace and I have a good relationship with my family," said Nokhwezi.

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