05 January 2018

With God I have all I want

The desire to become rich and lead a flashy lifestyle pushed Lionel into doing the wrong things in exchange for quick cash.

He started smoking cigarettes when he was 15 years old and later started on drugs such as crystal meth, 'tik' and crack cocaine.

"I smoked every day and spent every cent I had on drugs. At night I could hardly fall asleep as the drugs would keep me awake.  I sometimes smoked day and night. Once, I smoked and did not sleep for 11 days. I also stole from my mother who worked hard to provide for me and my brother.  I could not cope with my studies and dropped out when I was doing grade 11," he said.

To feed hid drug addiction Lionel worked as a distributor for a drug dealer "I transported drugs around the western Cape and was paid well, but I spent everything on my addiction," said Lionel.

This lifestyle was short-lived when he was arrested for possession of drugs. "Police found me at the drug dealer's house. I was alone while he was at a hotel with his friends. When the police came to search the house, they found drugs and arrested me. I spent two days in the police cells before I was released on bail," he said.

The incident challenged Lionel to change and he came to the church in 2006, then started attending services regularly. "I gave up my old friends and I got more involved in the things of the church. Six months later I was able to quit drugs.  I stopped drinking and also found a job," said Lionel.

In 2010 he took part in the campaign of Israel because he believed that God was able to turn his life around and give him the breakthrough he needed. "In the same year I started a construction company and I received a contract to hire 45 employees. I was then able to buy a seven-bedroomed house. In 2013, I met Entachio and we were married the following year," he said.

Lionel now owns four cars a Mercedes A class, a Range Rover, a VW Golf 7 and VW kombi TS – as well as nine bakkies, 2 trucks and 14 trailers for his construction business. In 2015 he bought his second four-bedroomed house.

"Because God honoured my faith and kept His covenant with me, I also live a pleasing life before Him. Depending on His word for everything I do is what keeps me standing and growing spiritually and in all other areas of my life. I am a happy and fulfilled family man, I live a prosperous life, and my life is safe in the hands of God because I live it according to His plans,' said Lionel.

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